Welcome to My Journey of writing

Hi, I’m Traci. Thank you for visiting my blog page. I pray that you are inspired by each post to search for the tiny pearls of wisdom in your life, and find a little courage to write about it along the way!

How to Deal With Difficult People in a Pandemic

It has been a year now, and chances are you have had your dealings with people who don’t understand the concept of social distance. OR Maybe you have had more than one conversation with someone that seems to know it all about how others should respond to the crisis and they are determined to “enlighten” […]

One Thing That Will Get Your Child Closer to Making Straight A’s

The measurement of a child’s academic success weighs so heavily on GPA. Every parent anticipates their child making straight A’s or at least A’s and B’s. We have been conditioned to think that they are not learning if they make anything below an 80. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself, ‘when was the last […]

Look, Kid, I’m Not the Cafeteria Lady or Custodian!

After teaching for years, I know 3 people “run” the schools – the front office secretary, the head cafeteria worker, and the head custodian! If you are not in good with those 3 people, you can forget it! It doesn’t matter if you are BFFs with the principal, every wise seasoned teacher knows who to […]

How Do I Motivate My Unmotivated Child?

If your child has become a video gaming, TikTok making, YouTube surfing, virtual school dodger, this post is for you! It was hard to motivate a child in the “old normal” world. Motivating them in the new normal may seem impossible, but it’s not. We just have to be a little savvier with our approach […]


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