Welcome to My Journey of writing

Hi, I’m Traci. Thank you for visiting my blog page. I pray that you are inspired by each post to search for the tiny pearls of wisdom in your life, and find a little courage to write about it along the way!

Expect the Unexpected

Have you ever felt as if you could never live up to the expectations some people have for you? It’s not the feeling of not being good enough, but more of a sense that you are not who they think you ought to be. Yesterday, a phone conversation of gospel artist Kirk Franklin was leaked […]

The Worst Ways to Prepare for Daylight Savings Time

I am looking forward to March 13th at midnight. Why? Because the timer-clock in my bathroom will finally be correct again! It’s frustrating enough that I can’t change the military time that it is set on! But at least I can easily tell the time that I use it the most without getting a headache […]

Really…How Hard is it to Sit Still??

I take a lot of advice from my mother. I trust her process because I can vouch for her outcome. So, when she told me that one of the first things she taught us was to sit still on the couch in our church clothes while she got dressed, you had better believe I started […]

How to Deal With Difficult People in a Pandemic

It has been a year now, and chances are you have had your dealings with people who don’t understand the concept of social distance. OR Maybe you have had more than one conversation with someone that seems to know it all about how others should respond to the crisis and they are determined to “enlighten” […]


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