Welcome to My Journey of writing

Hi, I’m Traci. Thank you for visiting my blog page. I pray that you are inspired by each post to search for the tiny pearls of wisdom in your life, and find a little courage to write about it along the way!

A Word for My Dear Teacher Friends

It never fails that I wake up with a song on my heart. Whether it is an inspiring hymn, like “Great is Thy Faithfulness”, or a catchy melody I can never manage to escape, like the theme song of “Saved by the Bell” or Carly Rae Jepson’s “Call Me Maybe”. Call it a gift or […]

5 Ways to Effectively “Beat Yourself Up”

Sometimes I get on my last nerves… I have the best ideas, the wildest dreams, biggest ambitions, and the greatest intentions… but I get in my way! There are days when I know I stop myself from living up to my full potential, but I just stand there like a helpless bystander and let “Traci” […]

Favor Ain’t Fair…

When my oldest daughter was in the 4th grade, we started rewarding her for her grades. She received $5 for each A. (I had some friends that challenged our decision to do this. They argued that study efforts should be a given and that nothing should be expected for it. But then they gave allowances […]


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