Why I’ve Learned to be a Quitter

Quit while you’re ahead? Maybe…but sometimes you need to quit to get ahead!

I recently read a book about character and personality traits. It was a psychology-based reference book geared to helping writers develop believable characters. As I read through the summaries of several basic adult personality types, I found a little bit of myself in more than one description.

I smiled as the author detailed some of my thoughts and habits found in the character traits I like to consider myself. And I cringed at the character traits I hope no one ever knows I am – or can be.

All of us want to be the “virtuous boss” or “hero”. None of us want to be the “cowardly know-it-all” – but the truth is, we all can be both.

No one person has all the good traits. We all have a little bit of “this” and maybe a whole lot of “that”. Everyone has areas in their lives that can benefit from some sort of behavior modification.

That is why quitting is so important. We have told ourselves over and over to never quit, but sometimes, quitting is exactly what we need to do.

If you see something you don’t like about yourself, change it. Make new habits daily. Quit the bad and start the good… every day.

Easier said than done? Maybe… but have you even said it yet?

Acknowledge the things you don’t like and take ownership of them! Sometimes starting a new life begins with accepting the old and recognizing it for ALL that it is worth – the good, the bad, and even the ugly.

On my best days, I carry my worst traits. It is on those best days that I decide to face and quit that trait that is holding me back – even if only for one day. And if tomorrow is to be a better day – I will wake up and quit again.

Stay Tuned…

We wake up with our dreams and our struggles every day. What makes the difference is our attitude towards both internal and external challenges. Pattie LaBelle’s “New Attitude” reminds us to quit if we need to.


Traci D. Fuller, Pearls and Pretty Pens © 2021

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