New Year…New Me?? Nah…

I stopped making New Year’s resolutions years ago. I simply got tired of breaking them before MLK Day. I also concluded that the quest for a perfect version of myself was about as practical as my mission to find the perfect purse – there just isn’t one, and quite frankly, more than one version is needed!

The most I can hope to do for New Year’s is to have my car washed and to have at least a bag or two of clothes we have outgrown ready for donation to a local charity.

I don’t think of the New Year as an opportunity to change who I am, but I do reflect on the outgoing year and how it made an impact on my life.

One thing I have learned from 2020 is to appreciate the moment that I am in. I recently had a moment that reminded me of that. It was one of those “7-second trips around the world in your mind”.

It’s funny how quickly the mind can take you from one place to another, and bring you right back home.

The girls and I were watching the Power Rangers. In the episode, the Pink Ranger found a rock with the power to keep her the same age for 100,000 years. She was excited about being 18 years old forever and, with her excitement, my mind began to fancy what that life would be like.

I quickly envisioned an 18-year-old Traci. Would I want to be 18 forever?? No!! I can now admit that not much made sense at the age of 18.

I jumped a little further ahead to 24. 24 was a great year! …But I would have never met my husband!

So 30! 30 was a wonderful age to be forever! Right!? My dad would be around AND I would be married to my wonderful husband! …BUT then I wouldn’t have my daughters!

I looked at the girls sitting on the couch next to me, and I immediately concluded that I was the age I wanted to be! And when I’m 92 – if I have my health and my right mind- I will say the same thing!

I don’t have it ALL, but all that I do have, right now, I am grateful for…and that is TODAY!

We have made it into 2021. Enjoy THIS day. 2020 was a year to reflect on the things that matter most. Use that reflection to appreciate what we have right now. Live in this moment.

Don’t make New Year’s resolutions that you won’t be able to keep. Don’t start strict diets that you won’t be able to stick to. Let each day serve its purpose!

Allow God to show you new mercies in the upcoming mornings and embrace them because all of your today’s will someday become a fleeting thought of yesterday. Make each thought something to smile about!

Tune My Heart…

There are so many songs out there about starting new or living in the moment, but “Brand New Day” sang in my heart for this post.

It was the only song written by Luther Vandross for the musical, and it stands out in its own fun and wordy way. It may not be possible to become a “new you” at the stroke of midnight every year, but we each have the gift of a new day! Make the most of it!


Traci D. Fuller, Pearls and Pretty Pens © 2021

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