Christmas Medley of Melodies – 12 Days of Christmas Carols

“So many Christmas songs…so little time”

#11 – Christmas Medley of Melodies

I once had a neighbor that would bake an assortment of cookies and treats every year for Christmas. Her medley of indulges included the best sugar, shortbread, butter pecan, snowball, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip, and gingerbread cookies. Every once in a while she would even include a delicious fudge and other chewy goodies. She would wrap them up in beautiful Christmas packaging and gift them to friends and family.

I couldn’t tell you which treat was my favorite, I just looked forward to her packages every year.

In the same light, I cannot tell you my favorite Christmas song. If you asked me to pinpoint either, my answer would be the same, ‘just give me a little bit of ALL of them’!

Today, I decided to give you 12 of my Christmas favorites that I wanted to include during my 12-day challenge – but like I have said every day, ‘so many Christmas songs…so little time’.

Some of the songs have great messages to go along with them, but ALL of them are worthy of making your list – so check them off twice!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

1 – It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – and for 2020, the fact that it’s the end is just the icing on the cookie!

2 – Santa Clause is Coming to Town – remember the feeling of trying to be good for goodness sake because Santa was watching? Try that next time someone presses your buttons this holiday!

3 – Wonderful Christmas Time – Simply a wonderful song to enjoy this week!

4 – Carol of the Bells – Don’t worry about remembering the words of this song, the best version is an instrumental anyway!

5 – This Christmas – This year we may not be able to “shake a hand, shake a hand”, but this Christmas will still be, a very special Christmas, indeed.

6 – Someday at Christmas – I won’t give up on the dream of the Christmas detailed in this song!

7 – Christmas Time is Here – If you haven’t taken the time to sit and watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” this year, do it and enjoy the nostalgia!

8 – Feliz Navidad – This Christmas favorite of Jose Feliciano turns 50 this year!

9 – Sleigh Ride – I’ve never been on a sleigh ride, but I always feel like I have after this listening to this song!

10 – Silent Night – This song is arguably everyone’s favorite. It’s simple melody beautifully details the humble beginnings of Christ.

11 – I’ll Be Home for Christmas – … if only in my dreams…

12 – The Christmas Song – No Christmas music list is complete without this one!

Traci D. Fuller, Pearls and Pretty Pens © 2020

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