Jingle Bells – 12 Days of Christmas Carols

“So many Christmas songs…so little time.”

#5 – Jingle Bells

While you are ‘dashing through the snow’ over the next few days, take time to laugh a little.

I once kept a book of jokes on my nightstand. Every once in a while, I would get a kick out of delighting my husband with a corny joke or two before going to bed. It was his goal to not laugh, and of course, that made the jokes even funnier when he did.

The holiday season is full of hustle and bustle, and sometimes we forget to plan a good laugh along the way. Don’t save it for gatherings with family or friends. Practice laughing now so that it will be easier when you are with others!

Is there a Christmas movie that ‘cracks you up’ every time? For me, it’s Elf and A Christmas Story.

What TV show kept you laughing back in the day? Binge watch that TV show instead of the news channels this evening.

Don’t feel like laughing? Start first with singing! Studies have shown that singing increases endorphins. Endorphins give you that “happy” feeling inside! Singing really is The world’s most accessible stress reliever.

Perhaps that is why Christmas is such a wonderful time of year because so many people are singing!

But what song should you start with???

JINGLE BELLS, of course!

Everyone knows it, and only Scrooge hates it!

Even the man who is credited for writing the song (James Lord Pierpont) gathered pieces of the song from bars, taverns, and other public events and community sources. People knew the song before it became “a song”!

I have sung a version of this song with all grade levels (elementary to high school), and I don’t remember any child ever shying away from “a one-horse open sleigh – HEY!

And I guarantee, neither will you! Sing it and laugh!

I have included a few of my favorites. Which one do you like most?

Leave a comment!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

ELLA FITZGERALD – I can never tire of listening to this version of Jingle Bells.

BEBE AND CECE WINANS – This has to be one of the classiest versions of Jingle Bells out there!

FRANK SINATRA – This version of Jingle Bells just too fun to leave out!

Traci D. Fuller, Pearls and Pretty Pens Copyright 2020

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