Children, Go Where I send Thee – 12 Days of Christmas Carols

“So many Christmas songs…so little time!”

#3 Children, Go Where I Send Thee (also known as Born in Bethlehem)

Everyone has an assignment or a job! What is yours? Get busy working on it!

During our lockdown time this year, I focused on a few of my girl’s basic survival skills. Cooking was one of them. It has definitely been an interesting year, but I have managed to get them to be responsible for at least one meal a week. I am so grateful that they are old enough to be trusted with a cookbook and a stove – as long as I am nearby!


Even with their cooking skills, some of the best meals that have been prepared in our house lately were meals when everyone pitched in and cooked something. That is how our recent Seafood Boil Thanksgiving dinner was prepared, and it was a HUGE success. Everyone was given an assignment… they focused on it and DID it!

We all have an ordained assignment, something we were gifted to work on. Sometimes we can get so caught up in everything around us, we forget to focus on the one thing we were put here to do. God’s plan for humanity works best when we all do our part.

The bible is filled with hundreds of stories that inspire us to do the assignments given by God. 12 of those stories and characters of stories are mentioned in “Children, Go Where I Send Thee”. It is a traditional African-American spiritual, and like so many spirituals, no one knows its origins. It was simply passed down through generations.

“Children, Go Where I Send Thee” is one of the most fun to sing with a group of people during the holidays! I have no proof, but perhaps the “12 Days of Christmas”, got its inkling from this spiritual.

Listen to the words of “Children, Go Where I Send Thee”, and be inspired by those mentioned to DO YOUR PART and get busy on your assignment. Where has God sent YOU?

If you are not familiar with this song, don’t worry, I have included a few GREAT renditions.

Which one do you enjoy most?

Leave a comment below!

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

KENNY ROGERS (FEATURING HOME FREE) – Kenny Rogers may no longer be with us physically (2020 has been a rough one), but he left us with one of the BEST recordings of this song!

SPELMAN COLLEGE GLEE CLUB – This performance of the song will captivate you from beginning to end!

MANDISA – I simply love the voice of Mandisa, and she does a beautiful job smoothly jazzing out this spiritual!

Traci D. Fuller, Pearls and Pretty Pens © 2020

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