The Morning After

I have a confession to make about the Facebook post I am about to share today.

I originally posted it the morning after the presidential election of 2016. The words were my response to the world, and at that moment, they gave me peace.

I couldn’t wait to re-post it.

Truthfully, there may have been a little “tongue-in-cheek” approach when I decided to share it again. I wanted to “assure” my friends that may have had opposition to the outcome of our 2020 presidential election, that they would be alright. They could survive four years because, after all, I did.

Then I read my post again. My very own words both convicted me AND encouraged me at the same time:

“November 9, 2016

My brother, Benjamin Dixon, said it best with the title of his book, “God is Not a Republican.”

So here is my peace:

God is not a Democrat either. Neither is He an American.

He does not require a passport to cross national borders, and I seriously question His concern for the lines we have drawn on the globe.

He was God before Plymouth, and He will be God long after our dreams for tomorrow have expired.

He is not a genie granting the wishes of our limited minds and fickle natured hearts.

He is, He was, and He will be God. I will trust Him.

I will stand for right. I will speak with love and with tact.

Diplomacy has been challenged, but it will not die.

I AM proud to be an American.

I am Blessed to be a child of God … and I put my confidence in Christ.”

Four years ago, I ended this post by stating “..but today I wear black“. Fast forward and the ONLY thing that I would change is that exiting statement with “.. but today, I rejoice!”

The sun rose a little brighter for me this morning than it did four years ago, but make no mistake, it rises EVERY MORNING. And the one thing that is certain is that God is Faithful.

Little POW-wow, Pearls of Wisdom

· No matter what side you were on for this election, God is with you. Don’t let parties and policies cloud your vision of that. God loves your opposition, just as much as He loves you.

· Don’t just pray for our country, pray for the individuals that reside within our country. They are what makes this country great. They are your brother and sister, and your NEIGHBOR.

Tune My Heart…

On Friday, November 6, 2020 (the day Georgia turned blue), we celebrated the anniversary of what has become one of the most respected and honored songs of African American culture, “Lift Every Voice and Sing”. This song is generally referred to as the Black National Anthem.

It was written nearly 120 years ago by two brothers, James Weldon Johnson (lyrics) and John Rosamond Johnson (music).

There are so many arrangements of this song, but I have become partial to Kirk Franklin’s rendition.


Traci D. Fuller, Pearls and Pretty Pens © 2020

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