5 Other New Habits I’m Sorry To Quit

Last Friday I shared five new habits that I have picked up over the past few months that I don’t apologize for. I declared my independence and said, “SORRY, NOT SORRY”!

Today, I’m not tucking my tail between my legs, but I really will hate to give up some things when the time comes to ‘get back to normal’.

We all have found a few new habits, some we are not sorry for, and some we are sorry we have to eventually quit.

Here are 5 of mine.

Wearing My Favorite Comfy Shoes…. Everyday…and Everywhere!

I am a shoe girl and I can’t resist buying a perfect pair. I can spend hours in DSW without trying. I haven’t counted lately, but I once had over a hundred pairs of shoes lined up in my closet organized according to style and colors.

But I must confess, I have worn one pair of shoes (not including the ‘flip flop’ trips to the mailbox) over the past few months!

They’re cute, they’re comfortable and they have gotten me through this pandemic like a dependable friend. I have even worn these shoes to church (we have been live-streaming everything and there are only about 10 of us there…so, I could get away with it)!

My feet begin to throb in protest at just the thought of putting on another pair of shoes, but I know I can’t go back to the real world with one pair of shoes….or can I??? Nah.

I’m so sorry to quit this habit.

Letting My Girls Stay Up to Watch Jimmy Fallon’s Opening Monologue

Staying up to watch the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has always been a treat for me. Laughing at his interviews and games, especially the musical ones, is like putting a cherry on top of a good (or not so good) day.

I have made the opening monologue a family event over the past few months. It has been one of my favorite “bad mom” things to do. The fact that he is at home with his girls and his wife just makes it a little sweeter!

Laughing with my husband and the girls during these times is the best medicine, and just like taking our vitamins, we haven’t missed a dose!

Eventually, we will have to start carving out a real schedule and I’m so sorry to quit this habit.

Not Wearing Make-up

Applying make-up was an everyday event for me. At the very minimum, I would apply my powder, mascara, and lipstick. I had two spare makeup bags for the days I ran late or needed a touch-up on the go – one for the car and one that stayed in my desk at school.

Now, I don’t go full out with make-up. I will put a little something on for Sunday morning live stream services, but that is it.

Call me crazy or lazy, but when it comes to wearing make-up, I have enjoyed letting the masks cover half my face and not wearing ANYTHING except for a good moisturizer. Put on my glasses or goggles, and I’m good to go.

Eventually, we will come out of our masks and, although I pray for that day, I will be so sorry to quit this habit.

T-Shirts and Stretch Pants

Before March 13, 2020, I wore T-shirts about as often as I wore my wedding dress. Ok, maybe a little more than that, but you understand where I’m coming from. I hardly ever wore T-shirts! Now, I’m going to have to study and review myself on how to dress in regular clothes again because T-shirts now are all I wear.

I didn’t think there was a difference in T-shirts until this pandemic. Now I understand there is a science behind the cotton and the weave. Put on the perfect blend and a pair of soft, two way-stretch pants, and I can conquer the world!

I have purged my closet a few times over the past few months, and I have had to intentionally remind myself NOT to throw any of my favorite “real clothes” out. T-shirts have reigned, but I know that I will eventually have to put on a blouse or suit again, and I’m so sorry to quit this habit.

Taking Baths in the Middle of the Day

The other day, my daughter asked me why I preferred to take baths over showers. I laughed at her question and I thought about the days of bathing her as an infant inside a tiny bathtub on the counter. It wasn’t too long ago that I sat nearby and monitored her playtime with dozens of rubber ducks and dolls in the tub.

It seems like only yesterday that I transitioned her from taking baths to taking showers because she wanted to be “a big girl”. In the beginning, she would hide in the corner of the shower to avoid the stream. Now, she is a pro at it, and she doesn’t remember how much fun she had splashing around in the tub.

As an adult, I have rediscovered the fun of taking baths, and for the past four months, I take them whenever I want to. My favorite time is in the middle of the day! There is something about taking a break from it all and escaping the tub and allowing the water to wrap me like a warm blanket. “Calgon, take me away!” (do they still sell that?).

Eventually, I will have to give up these random, middle of the day, escapes to the bathtub, and I’m so sorry to quit this habit.

Little POW-wow, Pearls of Wisdom

  • It’s so easy to get comfortable in a good and bad routine. During this time of reflection, have you developed any bad habits that you may need to let go of? Ask God to start preparing you for the changes you need to let go.
  • There is a time for everything. Read Ecclesiastes 3:1-22 and remind yourself of this promise. Add to that list to help you transition to the next phase. Write this list down to begin to prepare for change.

Tune My Heart…

I had a hard time deciding on a song this week. It was a toss-up between Chicago’s “Hard Habit to Break”, Whitney Houston’s, “I Will Always Love You”, and A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera’s “Say Something”.

Any of these songs would have personified my thoughts of quitting certain habits.

I decided on “Say Something” performed by the Stellenbosch University Choir. Stellenbosch University is a public university in Stellenbosch, South Africa. I absolutely LOVE this performance. It is one that I show to every beginning choir student of mine to demonstrate good tone, blend, facial expression, and an overall great choral performance. Enjoy!

Traci D. Fuller, Pearls and Pretty Pens © 2020


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