Your Pebble IS a ROCK!

Have you ever had a dream that you would pay $20+ to go see in the theaters just to finish it? I recently had one of those dreams. It’s not often that I remember details of a dream after getting out of bed to start the day, but this one stuck with me and it wasn’t until after I wrote it down that I realized some of its meaning.

In this vivid dream, I was a time traveling homicide detective! I had the ability to travel back in time, for short moments only, to find out WHO committed the murder and find out HOW to PROVE they did it. It was my job to look for their mistakes. I couldn’t prevent the murders or change anything in history. If I did, I would die. (Yeah, I don’t dream about puppies and rainbows)

The case I was working on was a beautiful young woman – maybe a senior in high school or freshman in college. She had ambitions of being a poet/writer/actress and she was well on her way because in my “investigation/time travel” I went to one of her performances. She had a bodyguard, an agent and a small entourage following her.

After that specific performance, she performed one of her poems as an “encore” to satisfy her fans. It was an emotional piece about her not being satisfied with tossing a pebble into the water…she wanted to be a ROCK or BOULDER! I can’t remember her exact words, but something like:

“I’m not trying to be a pebble,it’s not good enough for me! Toss me in a pond as a ROCK or a BOULDER with mountains of waves to see….clear the way, make room for me, I will destroy your peace if necessary …I NEED to be a rock, not a pebble …”

Now remember, I am ME in this dream, and my inner response to her was overwhelming. While her audience praised her for her words of boldness and strength, I could only feel the hurt and anger behind them…(it may have had something to do with what I knew was going to happen to her too).

I knew that I couldn’t change anything, but I had to meet her and encourage her, so I went up with a small group of people to meet her. Her bodyguard looked at me and instantly I knew that HE knew who I was!! It was the first time I had come into contact with someone else who had time traveled. He didn’t say anything, but his look said it all. He warned me NOT to do or say anything with his eyes (it felt telepathic in my dream) so I verbally responded to him “I am just going to encourage her and thank her”. His look never changed, but I smiled and moved closer to her anyway and told her “your pebble IS a rock!”

I immediately had a terrible headache and I knew I was in trouble! But I wasn’t done! I had to make sure she understood what I meant… so I had an even greater idea to respond to her in a poem challenge. Remember, I am me in this dream, so I rationalize my idea based on something I really do/did …


Growing up, and even today, we have poetry challenges in our house. My mother would have us respond to each other through poetry. For example, she once wrote a poem about “Light” and how she hates “Darkness”… I responded with a poem that praised the fact that there is a certain peace found with the “Darkness” and that the sun setting is not the end of all things beautiful, but the beginning of peace and rest and that is beautiful.

…back to my dream…

After I decided to respond to the young lady with a poem, I gradually got weaker and weaker in my dream. I didn’t find her killer. I didn’t even stay long enough to witness or solve the case. I didn’t want to, I had a new mission – to respond to her poem. I woke up to silence in my room.

Here is the response I wrote before getting out of bed that morning. I pray you are blessed:

"Your Pebble IS a Rock"

Don’t underestimate the power within you to make waves... 
God has given you what you need to be brave. 
Your pebble tossed into a pond...
makes ripples just as vivid as the next one. 
It’s in your nature, the need to be great...
and the stone you were given was not a mistake! 
Your pebble is a rock, you don't need a boulder... 
toss with all your might and stand on Christ's shoulder!

Little POW-wow (Pearls of Wisdom)

  • The bodyguard never spoke to me – was it all in my head? Isn’t this how fear always presents itself initially?
  • The young lady in my dream wanted to be a boulder. Why is it that we want to be more than what we are? David praised God for demonstrating His magnificent love for us in Psalm 139:14 when he said that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. Know without a doubt that God’s works (YOU) are wonderful!
  • Of course, I can not time travel – it would be pretty cool if I could, though – but isn’t it nice to know that God’s promise is the same yesterday, today and forever? He was there, He is here, and He will be there! Who needs to time travel with a Heavenly Father?

Have a blessed day everyone!

-Traci D. Fuller, Pearls and Pretty Pens

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